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Statement from Mary Barley on the negative impact of Big Sugar in the Everglades

Not only is Big Sugar harming the Florida Everglades, it is also costing US consumers about $4 billion a year in a sugar food tax. This statement from Mary Barley, founder of the Everglades Trust, outlines all of the damages caused by Big Sugar and what you can do to work for change. (


Court sides with environmentalists, rules against Palm Beach County rock mine

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday against a potential rock mine on land long considered prime for Everglades restoration.

Click here to read the full article from the Sun Sentinel.

US Department of Interior on Scott’s Everglades plan

Salazar calls Scott’s Everglades cleanup plan an “encouraging step forward” and states that he is hopeful to build upon this plan in the future.
Click here to read the full story from the Audubon of Florida.

Salazar to Scott: Everglades plan doesn’t go far enough, fast enough

Ken Salazar to Rick Scott: Everglades pollution cleanup plan is a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough, fast enough. Click here to read more from the Miami Herald.

Evidence shows Gulf oil spill caused widespread ecological damage

As species from the Dry Tortugas of Florida to the beaches of Louisiana are monitored, evidence is mounting that the ecological damage is widespread. (Herald Tribune)

Florida issues new water pollution standards

Florida issues new water pollution standards (Everglades Foundation)

South Florida mayors challenge residents to save water

South Florida mayors, along with the Wyland Living Green Fair, have challenged residents to save water through use of bicycles and reusable water bottles, for example.
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