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Today it is with great sadness that the Trust, and all Floridians, mourn the passing of Thom Rumberger — a true stalwart of Everglades restoration.

“Thom Rumberger has been a courageous, vigilant guardian of the bountiful treasures and fragile nature of Florida’s – and America’s – most unique Everglades ecosystem,” said Mary Barley, President of the Everglades Trust. “His legal brilliance, political wisdom and unflinching commitment to preserve and protect our precious Everglades place him among the greatest Floridians – one who has fearlessly taken on all foes, without ever compromising principle or integrity. He was one of a kind.”


Republicans join Senate vote against earmark ban

Republicans join Senate vote against earmark ban (Roll Call)

SFWMD Governing Board Meeting Tomorrow, 5/13

SFWMD: The Governing Board will conduct a meeting tomorrow, 5/13 beginning at 9:00 AM.

The meeting will take place at the John F. Armstrong Wing of the Blake Library 2351 SE Monterey Rd. in Stuart, FL.

For an overview of the meeting’s agenda, click here.

Florida Senate Honors Florida Park Service Director Mike Bullock for 38 Years of Service

DEP NEWS RELEASE: Florida Senate Honors Florida Park Service Director Mike Bullock for 38 Years of Service—Florida State Parks Director retires with a legacy of accomplishments

The Everglades Trust

The Everglades Trust is a nonprofit organization working solely on Everglades issues. It partners with other environmental groups, state and federal officials, citizens and taxpayers to force polluters to stop damaging these vital environmental resources, to pay their fair share for restoration, and to overcome their well-heeled lobbying efforts to disrupt and delay the restoration process.

Through grassroots support and a network of citizen action teams, the Trust, for more than a decade, has been fighting, for government action and adequate funding for restoration.

Highlights of the Trust’s accomplishments.

  • Has been instrumental in getting the new Obama Administration to give priority to the Everglades. The President’s FY 2010 budget includes $215 million for the Corps of Engineers’ Everglades work and $64 million for the Department of the Interior’s Everglades work
  • The Trust worked for enactment of WRDA 2007 and was a major factor in getting many environmental groups to support the enactment. Thus, the Trust was influential in mobilizing considerable environmental support for the the passage of WRDA.
  • The WRDA 2007 became law and the first three major CERP projects were authorized.
  • The Corps Everglades budget for FY 2010 is $92 million more than what was funded in FY 2009!
  • The Everglades Trust was involved in getting legislative direction on current and future phases of bridging along the Tamiami Trial.
  • When the President proposed the American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus legislation), the Trust worked with the Florida Congressional Delegation and the Administration to identify Everglades projects for Stimulus funding.
  • The announced list of projects for Stimulus Funding included some $103 million in Corps funding for some eight Everglades projects. In addition some $10 million in operation and maintenance funding was provided for several Corps Everglades projects.
  • Organized a “mini-summit” of all federal and state agencies in September 1992 to “jump start” restoration.
  • Served as catalyst for a General Accounting Office (GAO) economic report on the value of the Everglades (1995).
  • Played a key role in the formulation of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan known as CERP (1992-1996).
  • Helped organize several Congressional subcommittee hearings in Florida (1995, 2000).
  • Was the driving force in the passage of Restoring the Everglades, an American Legacy Act (REAL), the implementing legislation for CERP, in the U.S. Senate (vote: 81/1 on 9/25/2000) and the U.S. House (vote: 394/14 on 10/19/2000.) The bill was signed by the President in December 2000.
  • Persuaded Florida officials, in 2001, to commit $2 billion over ten years to CERP restoration.
  • Killed plans for a commercial airport at Homestead Air Base (2001).
  • Ensured adoption of the scientifically sound water quality phosphorus standard of 10 parts per billion by the State of Florida (2003).
  • Secured more than $2billion in federal funding for Everglades CERP.